High Dan Promotions Announced

Chairman Keith D. Yates and several other board members promoted five high black belt ranks to candidates testing on December 13, 2014. Aaron Barnett, Ceaser Johnson and Tim Looney received their fifth dan rankings. Caroline Goodspeed was promoted to seventh dan and Kelly Cox received his eighth dan black belt. A very special promotion was […]

Master Hall of Fame Honors AKBBA Members

The Masters Hall of Fame was held in Ft. Worth, Texas on June 6th and many AKBBA/CSHK board members and instructor members were inducted. No other martial arts organization had so many members represented. Jamie Cashion (an AKBBA/CSHK member himself) organized and hosted the record setting event. See if you can pick out the AKBBA/CSHK […]

Mr. Toney Honored

On February 8, AKBBA/CSHK Chairman Emeritus was honored with an induction into the Masters Hall of Fame. Over a hundred and fifty people came to acknowledge this martial arts legend and to thank him for the decades of service he has given to not just the AKBBA/CSHK but to the martial arts community across the […]

Philip Ola Passes Away

We are saddened to note that Grandmaster Philip Ola, High-Dan Board Member Elect, passed away on December 11, 2013. Mr. Ola was one of the original black belts in Allen Steen’s Texas Karate Institute in the 1960s and went on to teach not only for Mr. Steen but also for Jhoon Rhee in Washington D.C. […]

Historic Promotions to 10th Dan

Thehighest rank in karate, the tenth degree black belt, is understandably rare. So it is a historic event indeed when four individuals are promoted to his level. Jose Santamaria, Philip Ola, Fred Simon and Joe Alvarado received this honor on June 14th at the AKBBA ceremony in Mesquite, Texas. All are Texas legends having trained […]

AKBBA Chairman Cover Story

AKBBA/CSHK High-Dan Board Chairman graces the cover of the new Official Karate Magazine 2013 Annual. You’ll want to read this article about one of the pioneers of the martial arts not only in Texas, but in the nation. We are proud that GM Yates has received this recognition. You can view the issue at www.officialkaratemag.com […]

Dan Anderson to 9th Dan

Below: Steve Selby, Richard Jenkins, Dan Anderson, Keith Yates. Mr Anderson with Ishmael Robles, and with Linda Denley. Dan Anderson was promoted to 9th Degree Black Belt before of panel of several AKBBA High-Dan Board Members in Houston in October of 2012. Grandmaster Anderson is on everyone’s list of the most successful karate fighters ever. […]

Allen Steen inducted into U.S. TKD Grandmasters Society Hall of Fame

April 14, 2012     AKBBA High Dan Board Chairman Keith D. Yates, GM Won Chik Park, GM Jhoon Rhee, GM Allen Steen, GM Pat Burleson, and HDB Vice Chairman Steve Selby, at the induction of Mr. Steen into the Hall of Fame of the U.S. Taekwondo Grandmasters Society. See more  photos on the gallery […]

Honoring Our Retirees

After our High-Dan Board Meeting on January 21, hundreds gathered at Steve Selby’s Dallas Martial Arts Academy to honor our retiring HDB members, James Toney (Chairman), Royce Young (Vice Chairman), Richard Jenkins and Tim Vought. Three of the original founders of the association were present to add their thanks. Allen Steen, Pat Burleson and Ed […]