J. Pat Burleson, one of the founding members of the AKBBA, passed on October 31, 2021. GM Burleson was a mainstay of American Karate not only in Ft. Worth, Texas where he developed a chain of schools, but across the country and around the world. He won the first National Karate Championships put on by […]

Grandmaster Jack Erickson

Grandmaster Jack Erickson was laid to rest on October 1st, 2020. He was one of Allen Steen’s original black belts as well as being an original board member of the AKBBA. Mr. E, as he was known, was a Bronze Star recipient earned by his bravery in World War II. He and his wife Marian […]

High Dan Presentations

Above: Keith D. Yates, High Dan Board Chairman, Rudy Smedley (promoted to 10th dan), Dan Anderson (to 10th dan), board member Roy D. Kurban, Steve Selby (to 9th dan), and Raymond McCallum (to 10th dan) at the AKBBA High Dan promotions held on May 13, 2017. AKBBA founder Allen Steen presided over the ceremony held […]

High Dan Promotions in May

May 13, 2017: Raymond McCallum, Dan Anderson and Rudy Smedley are to be promoted to 10th dan, along with Steve Selby to 9th degree black belt at this rare ceremony. Allen Steen will head up the promotions board. Open to the public but space is limited. Come join in this celebration of four of the most […]

Grandmaster Tim Vought

Tim Vought, High-Dan Board member emeritus, passed away on March 18, 2017. Mr. Vought was a Dallas Police Officer for 20 years as well as a respected martial arts practitioner and instructor. He was an original black belt of Ed Daniel and fought successfully on the Texas Blood and Guts tournament circuit for years. He was […]

AKBBA event in Ft. Worth a success

Rudy Smedley promoted a get together of several martial arts pioneers in Ft. Worth, Texas in December. “Texas black belt” awards were presented to several folks who weren’t born here but can be considered honorary Lone Star Karateka. They included Bruce Brutschy, Michael Goldman, Sonny Onoo, and Keith Vitali. Thanks to master Smedley for putting […]

James Toney

James B. Toney, 1933–2015 We are saddened to report the passing of Mr. James Toney who served with distinction as our Chairman from 1997 to 2011. He was an original board members of the old Southwest Karate Black Belt Association (the precursor to the AKBBA). He began his karate training in the early 1960s at […]

50 year celebration a great success

220 martial artists and supporters turned out at the AKBBA 50th-year celebration banquet at the Hotel Intercontinental in Dallas on September 19. They witnessed karate demonstrations, high-dan rank promotions (Angela Bastiste to 5th, Rodney Greene and Rick Faulkner to 7th), and the Texas Blood and Guts Hall of Fame awards. Our founder, Allen Steen, seemed moved […]