Student Membership

Non-Black Belt students ($20 per year) must register under an Affiliate Member. 

Individual BLACK BELT Membership

Individual Black Belts ($30 per year) In certain cases, if you are not associated with an Affiliate Member, we will consider you for membership if you fill out the APPLICATION and BLACK BELT RESUME below. The Membership Committee will then evaluate your application. There is NO application fee. 

AFFILIATE Instructor or School

You must be at least a 3rd Degree Black Belt and be the owner or instructor of a school or club. The $200 annual fee included ten memberships (student or black belt).

The Details


  • First submit the APPLICATION and RESUME forms below.
  • If you are not personally known to an Affiliate or Board Member you may be asked to provide further proof of skill and teaching ability by an in-person visit or video. This is not an exam. We merely wish to determine your experience level. A vote of the membership committee takes 2 to 4 weeks.


Black Belt members should contact the Executive Director for information on becoming an Affiliate.
  • The $200 annual fee includes ten memberships (Student or Black Belt).
  • Black Belt should fill out the appropriate application forms but we only need names and ranks for under-belts.
  • You can collect fees for each member, in essence, covering your annual fee or you can provide memberships as part of your school’s tuition.
  • Upon acceptance we send patches and membership cards directly to you. We require that anyone wearing an association patch actually be a registered/paid-up member (so don’t order extra patches and hand them out, please).

We look forward to helping you reach new heights in your martial arts journey!

Registering is Easy - Simply fill out the following information below.




Black Belt Resume