Three levels of AKBBA/CSHK membership:

1) AFFILIATE: Instructor or School: You must be at least a 3rd Degree Black Belt and have no less than 10 individuals sign up for memberships from your school or club. The Affiliate’s membership is FREE when you have at least ten members under you.

2) ASSOCIATE: Individual Black Belt Membership: Individual Black Belts ($30 per year) must register under an Affiliate. In certain cases, if you are not associated with an Affiliate Member, we will consider you for membership if you fill out the APPLICATION and BLACK BELT RESUME. The Membership Committee will then evaluate your application. There is NO application fee to be considered.

3) STUDENT Membership:  Non-Black Belt students ($20 per year) must register under an Affiliate Member.



We only accept under-belt ranks if they apply under the auspices of a Black Belt Member.


  • Dues are $30 annually, however you must first submit the APPLICATION and RESUME forms, which we will review. There is no application fee so if you are NOT accepted as a member you don’t have to pay (scroll down to access the forms).
  • If a Black Belt applicant is not personally known to an existing Affiliate Instructor or High-Dan Board-Member he or she may be asked to provide further proof of skill and teaching ability by either an in-person visit or by video. This is not an exam. We merely wish to determine your experience level. After your application is received a vote of the membership committee is taken within 2 to 4 weeks.
  • After being accepted as a Black Belt member you may wish to apply to become an Affiliate (see below).


Contact the Executive Director for information on becoming an Affiliate Instructor or School. NOTE: you must ALREADY have been accepted as an Associate Individual Black Belt Member (so do that first).

  • When you register at least ten students (under-belts or Black Belts) your $30 membership is waived (applicable to your next renewal).
  • We don’t require any paperwork from your under-belt students. We just need names and dates for their membership. Black Belts, however, need to fill out the application forms (we want a more complete record of all Dan members). Send us all that information via email and submit the membership fees via our “Catalog” page.
  • You collect individual fees directly from your students and just send us the total amount.
  • Then we mail patches and membership cards directly to you. We require that anyone wearing an association patch actually be a registered/paid-up member (so don’t order extra patches and hand them out, please).
  • Most of our Affiliate schools collect memberships on an annual or bi-annual basis to make it easier to keep up with. Or you might want to have everyone sign up before a belt examination.

We look forward to helping you reach new heights in your martial arts journey!

 Registering is Easy – Simply fill out the following information below.




Black Belt Resume