We will start the day with exciting seminars with AKBBA Founders and Grand Masters at Dallas Martial Arts – 18484 Preston Rd. in north Dallas. That evening you can join Mr. Steen, and the other Founders (and special guests) at a celebration banquet at the Famous III Forks Steakhouse off Dallas North Parkway.

Dinner ticket prices are $95

Second dinner tickets (for your significant other) are only $75

If you can’t attend the dinner but would like to train with or just watch the Grandmasters during the day, it is only $50 for over four hours of Rare & Amazing Seminars.

AKBBA Photo History Book / Collectors Addition $25

YOU may be in this Historical Book!

You won’t want to miss the 50th Anniversary celebration of one of the Nations Oldest and Finest Martial Arts organizations.

CLICK HERE to reserve your spot and pay with PAYPAL.

If you wish to just MAIL a check with your reservation you can do so by sending it to: AKBBA/CSHK, 10917 Bywood Dr., El Paso, TX 79936.

Seminars and High Dan Testing

Due to some questions about a High-Dan Testing in 2014 we want to make sure that members know we are NOT planning a promotional event at the United States Karate Championships in Mesquite, Texas, on June 21. As usual, if you wish to request one or more members of the High-Dan board to sit on one of your testing boards in order to be sanctioned by the Association, you must first contact the Executive Director. This should be done at least six weeks prior to the test date (see the guidelines under the high-dan promotions page).

High-Dan board members are also available for seminars and you are encouraged to contact the Executive Director or even one of the board members directly for details on how you can arrange such a clinic or seminar.

Master Hall of Fame Honors AKBBA Members

akbba.mhofThe Masters Hall of Fame was held in Ft. Worth, Texas on June 6th and many AKBBA/CSHK board members and instructor members were inducted. No other martial arts organization had so many members represented. Jamie Cashion (an AKBBA/CSHK member himself) organized and hosted the record setting event. See if you can pick out the AKBBA/CSHK folks above (photo caption in the New Photos Gallery).

On February 8, AKBBA/CSHK Chairman Emeritus was honored with an induction into the Masters Hall of Fame. Over a hundred and fifty people came to acknowledge this martial arts legend and to thank him for the decades of service he has given to not just the AKBBA/CSHK but to the martial arts community across the nation.
Thank you Grandmaster Toney. We appreciate you.

Mr. Toney Honored

toney.smlJoin us for a celebration of the induction of grandmaster James B. Tony into the Masters Hall of Fame on Saturday, February 8th, 2014 at the Dallas Martial Arts (18484 Preston Road), from 5 to 6 pm. Master Jamie Cashion will present the induction and we’ll have a simple meet and greet with Mr. Toney afterwards. No food and no fancy dress. Just a time of friendship and respect for the High Dan Board Chairman Emeritus of the AKBBA/CSHK.

Philip Ola Passes Away

ola.mugWe are saddened to note that Grandmaster Philip Ola, High-Dan Board Member Elect, passed away on December 11, 2013. Mr. Ola was one of the original black belts in Allen Steen’s Texas Karate Institute in the 1960s and went on to teach not only for Mr. Steen but also for Jhoon Rhee in Washington D.C. He trained in other styles and earned dan rank in several other martial arts. The AKBBA and Mr. Steen awarded him a 10th Dan in the summer of 2013. He served in D.C. as a legislative aid to the House of Representatives and as a lobbyist for the steel industry. He earned an MBA from Loyola University and later returned to his native Texas and opened a real estate business in Arlington, TX. The martial arts community is richer because of the influence of Phil Ola.

New Board Members Announced

We are pleased to announce the addition of four pioneers of the martial arts in Texas (and beyond) to the AKBBACSHK High Dan Board. Philip Ola was one of Allen Steen’s original black belts of the early 1960s. He has gone on to train in and earn dan ranking in several other arts. He holds an AKBBA 10th Dan. Jose Santamaria was one of the earliest black belts in MuDukKwan and Taekwondo in Texas. He has operated schools across the state and was promoted to 10th Dan last summer in recognition of his achievements. Phil Wilemon was a champion fighter in the 1960s and is also considered a pioneer of Texas Karate. Dennis Cox was another of the earliest black belts produced by Allen Steen’s TKI schools and is a popular seminar instructor. These outstanding individuals, along with the rest of the HighDan Board, are committed to buldling on the dynamic legacy of the AKBBACSHK.

Getting Ready for the 50th

AKBBA.50.patch.BWe are making plans for our big 50 year anniversary celebration in the summer of 2014. Members will want to order the impressive, multicolored patch pictured here. It features the original red design along with the current logo and it will look great on your uniform, windbreaker or equipment bag. Members can order them on the catalog page for just $10. We have commitments from several nationally known champions and grandmasters and we’ll have special seminars and demonstrations. Of course, we’ll also have our annual, high-dan promotions. This is your opportunity to be awarded your advanced ranks in front of a board of world-famous judges (you have to be a current member of the AKBBA/CSHK for this distinct honor). You won’t want to miss this exciting 50 year anniversary!!

Historic Promotions to 10th Dan


Fred Simon receives his specially designed 10th dan belt from AKBBA Chairman Keith D. Yates


Phil Ola is congratulated by Allen Steen.


Joe Alvarado puts on his 10th dan ceremonial belt after a presentation from Roy Kuban.

Thehighest rank in karate, the tenth degree black belt, is understandably rare. So it is a historic event indeed when four individuals are promoted to his level. Jose Santamaria, Philip Ola, Fred Simon and Joe Alvarado received this honor on June 14th at the AKBBA ceremony in Mesquite, Texas. All are Texas legends having trained and received their black belts during the “blood and guts” 1960s. GM Santamaria has taught in Killen, Austin and Dallas and was one of the early promoters of karate competitions. Phil Ola, earned his black belt from Allen Steen at the Texas Karate Institute and went on to teach for many years with Jhoon Rhee in Washington D.C. Mr. Simon was GM Rhee’s first African American black belt. Joe Alvarado was a pioneer of karate in the Austin area and has trained law enforcement personnel for years. Congratulations to these highly skilled martial artists. IF YOU WANT TO BE CONSIDERED FOR NEXT YEARS PROMOTIONS you must be a member of the AKBBA for at least a year before you can be considered. Go to the APPLY tab above to apply for membership.

AKBBA Chairman Cover Story

OK.annual13.coverAKBBA/CSHK High-Dan Board Chairman graces the cover of the new Official Karate Magazine 2013 Annual. You’ll want to read this article about one of the pioneers of the martial arts not only in Texas, but in the nation. We are proud that GM Yates has received this recognition. You can view the issue at www.officialkaratemag.com or you can purchase a copy at the upcoming AKBBA/CSHK promotional ceremonies on June 14. Maybe you can get him to even sign it for you!