Membership Requirements Simplified

The High Dan Board recently voted to simplify the membership requirements. There will be two main levels of AKBBA/CSHK memberships: Student and Black Belt. Students will only be able to join under the auspices of a Black Belt. In addition we have an Affiliate Instructor Membership which is open to candidates who hold a third dan or higher and who own or are head instructor at a martial arts school. Click on over to the “Apply” tab at the top of this page for more information. We are making membership in this historic association even easier.

Dan Anderson to 9th Dan

Below: Steve Selby, Richard Jenkins, Dan Anderson, Keith Yates. Mr Anderson with Ishmael Robles, and with Linda Denley.

Dan Anderson was promoted to 9th Degree Black Belt before of panel of several AKBBA High-Dan Board Members in Houston in October of 2012. Grandmaster Anderson is on everyone’s list of the most successful karate fighters ever. He won over 70 championships in his competitive career. He was one of the very first to call his system “American Freestyle Karate,” authoring a book by that name in the early 1970s. He is also a master of modern Arnis. He teaches at his own school in Oregon.

2012 Promotions

June 22, 2012
Congratulations to some of our Texas Karate legends on their promotions: Phil Wilemon to 8th Dan, Joe Gillum to 7th Dan, and Dwayne (Rooster) Machen to 7th Dan, Eric Loveless to 6th Dan, David Vines to 6th Dan, Carl Whitaker to 6th Dan. See more photos at the gallery pages. Two very special promotions were also presented by AKBBA founder Allen R. Steen; Grandmaster Richard Jenkins to 10th Dan and Grandmaster Charles Bouton to 10th Dan. In addition, Grandmaster Linda Denley was inducted into the Karate Masters Martial Art Hall of Fame by Grandmaster Keith D. Yates who serves not only as our AKBBA High Dan Board Chairman but is also the Vice Chairman of the KMHOF. It was an exciting evening for everyone.

Gearing up for Summer Promotions

As we have done for the last two years, the AKBBA/CSHK will be conducting a higher-degree black belt promotion ceremony on Friday, June 22, the evening before the big United States Karate Championships at the Mesquite, Texas convention center and Hampton Inn. By now all applicants for promotion have gotten in their paperwork to Association headquarters and are hard at work on their presentations. Most of the High-Dan Board of the AKBBA/CSHK will be present as will several special guests including Texas karate legends Allen R. Steen and J. Pat Burleson. Mark your calendar now so you can attend this once-a-year event and don’t forget to be ready to compete at the U.S. Championships on June 23.

Honoring Our Retirees

After our High-Dan Board Meeting on January 21, hundreds gathered at Steve Selby’s Dallas Martial Arts Academy to honor our retiring HDB members, James Toney (Chairman), Royce Young (Vice Chairman), Richard Jenkins and Tim Vought. Three of the original founders of the association were present to add their thanks. Allen Steen, Pat Burleson and Ed Daniel joined the current High-Dan Board in the activities. Chairman Keith Yates and Executive Director Charles Bouton presented plaques to the honorees and several members of the crowd shared their memories of the four gentlemen. In additional GM Yates made “Karate Master Hall of Fame” induction presentations to Mr.s Young, Vought and Jenkins (Mr. Toney was previously inducted). Of course plaques and paper certificates cannot adequately express our appreciation to these outstanding martial artists who have served so diligently for so many years on the board of the AKBBA. Go to the gallery page to see photos of this historic event in the life of the American Karate Black Belt Association/Chin Sook Hage Kwan.

Grandmaster Promotional Exam

It is rare for anyone to be promoted to grandmaster ranks let alone several at once and all world champions at that! On June 25, 2011, the AKBBACSHK promoted Al Garza, David Archer, Jimmy Tabaras, Steve Doss, Santae Wilson, and Jim Chote to eighth degree black belt grandmasters. Grandmasters Allen Steen and Pat Burleson also awarded the very rare ranks of 9th degree black belt to Raymond McCallum and the 10th degree black belt to Roy D. Kurban.

The promotional board was a who’s who of American karate. Besides Misters Steen and Burleson, the “fathers” of Texas karate, the panel included AKBBACSHK high dan members, James Toney, Keith Yates, Royce Young, Richard Jenkins, Charles Bouton, Robert Smith and Steve Selby. Other notables in attendance included Ed Daniel, Johnny Nash, Steve Fisher, Mike Proctor, Larry Ritchie, Ted Gambordella and a host of other grandmasters. An overflow crowd filled the hall at the Mesquite, Texas convention center and they were rewarded with outstanding demos of kata and sparring by the participants. Congratulations to all these icons of American karate.

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